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In Focus | Kenda Brown of Just Pawing Around

In Focus is our gift to the community. A way for us to help show our recognition for the people, businesses and organizations that help make our city great. The team at is passionate about this community and the people that make it amazing. We want to show our friends, neighbours, family and colleagues that we notice them and the fabulous things that they do.

What is your name?
Kenda Brown

What do you always find yourself saying?
“Who wants a treat??”

If you could spend one whole day with anyone in the world who is currently alive, who would you select and why?
Taylor Swift, she’s seems like such a kind, loving person. I think spending a day with her would be like spending a day with a close friend. Lots of laughs and fun.

If you were to receive any existing public award, what award would you like to win?
Business Excellence Award because they recognize businesses that excel within the local Kamloops community.

If you could spend a day with any historical figure, who would you choose and why?
Maya Angelou, she was such an interesting and knowledgeable women and has been through a lot in her life, yet she still found the positive in everything.

Who inspires you?
Everyone, when you meet someone that is passionate about their life it makes you want to be a better person and do something that makes you happy.

What are three things on your bucket list?
1. Visit Ireland.
2. Celebrate New Year’s Eve in Time Square.
3. Learn how to sail.

If you had an enormous yacht, what would you name it?
“Carpe Diem!”

If you could foresee a single day of your future in its entirety, what date would you select?
The day my business is successful.

What are you passionate about?
I am passionate about my business. Every day I enjoy telling my husband about my day with the dogs. I want to keep learning and growing so I can give my best to the dogs and my clients.

What has been your favourite day of your life, up to this point?
Getting married to my best friend.

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
Taking the leap and opening my own business.

Where is your favourite place to dine in Kamloops? What do you like about it?
Hello Toast, I like that it’s a family run business and the food is amazing.

What is your favourite activity or event in Kamloops? Why?
Love going hiking in and around Kamloops. It so nice to be able to drive a short distance and be able to go on a nice hike with my dog and husband.

What is the name of your business/organization?
Just Pawing Around

What does your business/organization do?
I will offer a variety of group dog walking programs in Kamloops area that have been specially designed to create a fun, safe, and nurturing environment. I strive to match dogs by similar size and temperament in groups of four to six companions for one, two, or four-hour excursions that will take them to beaches and parks in the Kamloops area. Along with dog walks, I provide Pit Stop services, which include letting the dog out to go to the bathroom along with some playtime. I also provide short-term in house pet sitting.

Where can people find you or your business online?

Where can people find your business on Facebook?
Search for Just Pawing Around and they will find my page. I update my page daily with walking pictures and information.

What is your Twitter account?

How do people connect with you on Linkedin?
Kenda Brown

What is your mission?
As a pet lover, I recognized the need for a professional dog care company that would focus on providing the highest quality of care to enrich the lives of pets and their owners. The relationships I will form with clients and their dogs are at the heart of what will make Just Pawing Around successful. I recognize that caring for the family dog is a privilege that comes with great responsibility. I continually strive to offer an experience that promotes the dog's well being, and provides peace of mind to the client.

If you could achieve one thing within your field, what would it be?
To franchise my business.

Where do you want your business/organization to be in five years?
To continue to grow my business and be the go to dog walker in Kamloops.

Who do you consider to be a forerunner within your field?
This is such a new field in Kamloops that there really isn’t a forerunner but I hope that it will be me in the future.

What three qualities do you feel that your business/organization exemplifies?
Quality Service, trustworthiness, and reliability.

How does your business/organization impact the community?
I help out with local events in the pet industry and volunteer at classes of new puppy owners to make sure that they get the best knowledge possible and have a great experience of owning their dog.

If you were trapped in an elevator with several wealthy investors from any field, which field would you want them to be experts in? What would say to them/talk about?
Owner of their own successful dog walking business so I could pick their brain about what worked for them and what didn’t that way I wouldn’t have to make the same mistakes.

If I could change one thing about Kamloops, it would be:
Would love to see more dog parks in Kamloops that are not just an open lot with a fence. It would be great if there was a type of waterpark in the summer for the dogs and maybe some agility equipment, that way owners can interact with their dogs in a fun way.

What do you think makes Kamloops great?
The people in the community really enjoy supporting local businesses whenever they can. I love that you can drive a short distance and have your choice of great outdoor activities all year round.

My choice for the Kamloops In Focus spotlight is:
Kamloops Hot Yoga or TLC Pet Resort.

We encourage you to leave your comments and words of support below, and submit your own nomination by clicking HERE. You are also welcome to submit a form of your own by clicking HERE. Thank you, Kamloops!

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