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In Focus | Christa Romeo

Meet Christa. Christa has lived in Kamloops for 4 years. Christa owns Little Bird, a local jewelry company, and is passionate about making a positive difference in her community.

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Kamloops?
I am from Clearwater B.C. & moved to Kamloops 4 years ago.

Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?
My husband & 2 boys. No one loves to go on little road trips or grab a coffee & drive around town as much as my little fam! It's our favourite past time.

What is your favourite local store in Kamloops and why?
Lizzie Bits! The staff is amazing - I love Jen!! Whether your child has a cold, teething or needs new clothes - they got you covered! Plus, they support other local businesses such as mine & I LOVE supporting local!!

Describe yourself in one word.

If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?
Italy! It looks like such a beautiful city & anyone that knows me knows that my favourite food is Italian!

What is your favourite activity in Kamloops?
Going to the water parks with my boys!

What is the most embarrassing thing that has happened to you?
Being my clumsy self & walking into a table with a coffee in my hand... It went all over me in front of 20+ people!!

What is the most inspiring thing that has happened to you? Becoming a mother & discovering strengths I never knew I had & dealing with fears I never knew existed.
Tell us your favourite childhood memory.

Going to Fairmont Hot Springs with my parents & grandparents.
We used to go every year in the summer! I haven't gone in about 10 years but we will now be taking our boys every year starting next summer. It is such a family friendly environment with so much to do with your family! Plus, their is lots of golfing for the husbands if they aren't into lounging at the pool all day!

Where do you volunteer or give back to in the community?
I always try my best to support local or small businesses as much as possible. Love your town - shop local!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
For the food industry to stop putting so many harmful chemicals in our food & household products! It is so scary when you really do your research on what we are feeding our children & even putting on their skin! I am amazed they are allowed to sell this stuff!!!!

Where would you sneak away to in Kamloops to spend some time alone?
To sneak away I always go for a drive out to the ferry in Westsyde. Such a beautiful drive!

Where would you like to see positive change in Kamloops and why?
Hmmm... More reserved parking spots for mothers with children.

What do you think makes Kamloops great?
Music in the park! I love that there is always something going on for everyone!

What are 3 things on your bucket list?
1. Take my boys to Disneyland
2. Go back to Jamaica
3. Drive across Canada

Tell us something that not everyone may know about you.
I love food. But hate the smell of it. Weird, I know.

How do people connect with you, personally, through social media?
Facebook & Instagram

What is the name of your business/organization?
Little Bird.

Why did you get into/start this business?
I struggled with anxiety after having my first son & I really relied on Young Living oils. After feeling embarrassed of smelling my bottle of Stress Away in public I came across making diffuser bracelets so I could just apply my oil to the bracelet!

What is the goal of your business?
I donate a percentage of each bracelet sold to a little girl here in Kamloops who has cerebral palsy & my goal is to be able to help her reach her goal as soon as possible!!

What has been your biggest struggle either at work or in life?
To learn how to say no & know that it is OK to put yourself first at times.

What do you always find yourself saying?
You get what you get & you don't get upset! (to my toddler of course).

Tell us your best piece of life advice.
Kindness goes a long way. I will never forget the times someone holds the door for me, or puts my cart back for me. Or even just tells me when my babies are screaming in the store, "I've been there. It gets easier." Those are the big things!

If you could spend one whole day with anyone in the world who is currently alive, who would you select?
Rachel Hollis! I have been listening to her podcasts non-stop on repeat. She is such a down to earth women who has amazing advice for someone who owns a business to someone who just needs a pick me up!

Why do you think it is important to shop locally?
When you support local, you are helping someone keep food on their tables & supporting their dream!

What has been your proudest accomplishment?
My 2 boys!

Give someone you think that deserves it a shout out and explain why!
Danielle Beltrano! She has an in home spa here in Kamloops does such an amazing job! She has such a big heart that truly cares & is such an amazing mama!

My choice for the KamloopsBCNow In Focus spotlight is:
Danielle Beltrano

Some general comments I would like to share are:
Thank you for featuring my business & myself! I am so grateful!

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