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In Focus | Rikia Penchuk and Theo Booper

Meet Rikia Penchuk and her little man, Theo Booper! Rikia has lived in Kamloops for 10 years, while Theo is a new resident. Theo is a confident feline and Rikia is a cat-lover, making these two the perfect pair!

<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

Where are you from and how long have you lived in Kamloops?
I'm from High Prairie, Alberta and I've lived in Kamloops for 10 years. Theo is a new resident and moved here in September 2018 from Sorrento!

Who is your favourite person to spend time with and why?
Speaking for Theo here, but I think myself and his Dad (Michael). Mainly because we take him on adventures and give him treats!

What is your favourite local store in Kamloops and why?
Go Fetch in Valleyview! They have a great selection of raw food and toys.
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

Describe yourself in one word.
Theo: confident.
Mom: cat-lover.

If you could go anywhere in the world right at this moment where would you go and why?
Camping at one of Kamloops' local lakes so we can all be together!

What is your favourite activity in Kamloops?
Mom: Thrifting!
Theo: Hiking!
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

What is the most inspiring thing that has happened to you?
Adopting Theo was a big moment for my partner and I. I've always been a firm believer in adopting and we looked for quite a long time at the SPCA and other local rescues. However, we stumbled upon Shuswap Paws Rescue and it is all volunteer-run. Theo was born in a barn with 20+ kittens and they all weren't in the best of health. It's amazing what a little TLC can do for animals in need. We're forever grateful for this organization and the amazing work they do! Theo has now explored so many places and this wouldn't have been possible without the care he received.

Where do you volunteer or give back to in the community?
We try to donate to local animal shelters as much as possible!

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?
We would love to clear all animal shelters and we wish everyone would adopt instead of buying from a breeder. There are so many animals who need loving homes. Adopt don't shop!
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

Where would you like to see positive change in Kamloops and why?
We would like to see more support provided to those who are homeless in the downtown area.

What do you think makes Kamloops great?
Kamloops has wonderful locally owned businesses. From The Art We Are where you can get a delicious soup and sandwich to Amplified Cafe for a yummy latte, there are so many shops to support.

Tell us something that not everyone may know about you.
Theo can sit, shake a paw and jump through a hoop for treats!
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

How do people connect with you, personally, through social media?
Theo is on Instagram! @theobooper.

What is the name of your business/organization?

Why did you get into/start this business?
I have always loved taking photos and Theo is very photogenic so it works out great. ;)
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

What is the goal of your business?
To make people smile.

What do you always find yourself saying?
Adopt don't shop!

Tell us your best piece of life advice.
Don't underestimate the amount of joy an animal can bring to your life.
<who>Photo Credit: Rikia Penchuk

Give someone you think that deserves it a shout out and explain why!
Barbara Gosselin, she runs Shuswap Paws Rescue. Barbara is caring and devotes so much time to animals!

My choice for the KamloopsBCNow In Focus spotlight is:
Kamloops SPCA!

Some general comments I would like to share are:
Thank you so much for letting me share about Theo and his adventures!

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In Focus is our gift to the community. A way for us to help show our recognition of the people, businesses, and organizations that help make our city great!

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