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4 best detoxing tips for January 2018

What’s the Best Way to Cleanse? Is it found inside of a sauna, a juice cleanse or at the bottom of a pill jar? As January commences, it’s only natural to have the urge to start a wellness movement, so to help kickstart a healthier way of life, here’s your guide to Detoxing in 2018!


Probiotics are meant to encourage good bacteria in the intestine, which help to process nutrients in food. The healthier the diet, the healthier the microbiota (in the intestine), in other words, and the better the digestive system can function.

A vitamin or an over-the-counter pill are not guaranteed to improve your digestive tract alone so incorporating a probiotic into your diet will encourage processing the nutrients in food. A balanced diet with probiotics makes for better skin, a better mood, weight reduction, and an all-around cleaner bill of health.

Soup Cleanse

Out with the old, in with the new, say goodbye to juice and hello to soups. Soup is a much warmer alternative to juicing and is especially nice when it’s minus 15 out! For a warming detox, try for soups with bone broth or miso broth which are both loaded with nutrients and minerals you need for cell regeneration.

Bone broth is the newest superfood and has a long list of benefits including increased hydration, boosted immunity, and promotes healing of the digestive system.

Although soup detoxes are not as widespread as the juice cleanse, there are numerous recipes online and there are a few business now in Vancouver offering cleanses for purchase.

Check out Kits Kitchen and click here for homemade recipes.

Choose the right foods

Detoxifying your body is not only about what you avoid, but also about what you consume. One of the best things you can do to support your detoxification process is to decrease the number of processed foods, GMO products and pesticide contaminated foods that you eat. Incorporating organic veggies and fruits that aid in detoxification can go a long way. Garlic, lemon, raw nuts and seeds help in detoxing the colon and liver. For an alternative digestive aid, add a tablespoon of coconut oil to your daily diet!

Drink more of the right stuff

Sipping on water keeps you hydrated and will help your kidneys flush out toxins — add a bit of lemon to that glass of H2O for added electrolytes as the citrus signals the liver to produce more enzymes, which keep digestion moving smoothly. Want to switch things up? Switch to tea. Green tea, ginger tea and lemon thistle tea are some of the ones commonly used for overall detox and are a good way to clean out your body from toxins and other potentially harmful ailments. And as a reminder, alcohol is a detox no-no!

A detox is as much about nourishing your body as it is releasing toxins from it. The one thing all these detoxing methods have in common is they aim to flush out toxins which will generally leave you feeling rejuvenated, and ready to get back to a full-time healthy lifestyle.

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