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Make your holiday party a hit with one of these games

This list of games comes just in time for your holiday get together! These Christmas party games will have you and your family laughing all night long. Plus, they’re super easy to play! With just a few items, a couple of rules and your best ugly Christmas sweater, you’ll be ready to go!

Poop the potato

This game is more PG than the name lets on! Divide your friends and family into two teams and then have them form two single file lines and place two buckets directly across the room. A person from each team sticks a potato between their legs, runs as fast as they can towards the bin and drops the potato into the bucket as best they can — and continue that down the line. The team that poops all its potatoes into the bucket first, wins! Yay!

Oven mitt game/Santa’s hat game

This game can guarantee lots of laughs! Wrap up a generic gift with a couple layers of wrapping paper or wrap the gift within a gift. Gather around a table and choose someone who will wear the oven mitts and Santa hat first. After you have chosen the designated individual, they try and unwrap the gift as fast as they can until the person next to them rolls doubles and then the gift, hat, and oven mitts are passed on.

This will continue until someone has unwrapped the gift!

Right and left secret Santa gift exchange

Take your secret Santa gift exchange to another level by incorporating a storyline into the game. Get everyone to sit in a circle while holding their secret Santa gift, designate someone to be the storyteller and start the exchange. When the reader says left or right, everyone will pass their gift accordingly. When the story comes to an end, the gift that each person is holding is theirs for good!

Christmas charades

This one is pretty self-explanatory if you’ve played charades before. Print off this list or make your own, pick your teams and begin your guessing game!

Snowman shake

Fill an empty tissue box with ping pong balls and tape the tissue box to the participant's backside. Turn on a fun song that has a beat you’d want to bounce to, then have the players try to shake all of the balls out of the tissue box before the song ends!

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