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VIDEO: Terrifying footage shows father and son attempting to escape wildfire

What started as a simple hike through Glacier National Park in Montana turned into a near death experience for Charles and Justin Bilton.

According to an ABC report on their story, the smaller Howe Ridge Fire was burning in the area, but not expected to spread as it did.

While the two were hiking, the wind shifted and picked up and they were soon surrounded by flames.

In the video, it shows theme attempting to drive their vehicle out of the burning forest, with a wall of flames in front of them at the time they start filming.

Things just continue to get worse as they slowly approach the flames and it soon looks like they’re driving through hell.

‘I think we can drive through this,” says Charles, to which Justin responds, “but dad, what if the car blows up?”

As they move past the first problem area, the senior Bilton keeps urging his son to slow down, but Justin is having none of it.

They enter another burning section of forest and Charles continues to tell Justin “easy, easy now,” but Justin speeds up, convinced the heating up car would soon explode.

<who>Photo Credit: Facebook</who>Justin and Charles Bilton

The understandable panic in Justin’s voice continues to grow, but throughout the entire ordeal Charles stays calm, cool and collected, even when the pair’s path is blocked by a fallen tree.

That’s where the video ends, but according to the ABC report, they eventually turned around and return in the direction that they came from before being rescued by park rangers in a boat.

It’s terrifying footage, but it was likely 100 times scarier for the father-son duo to experience that in person, not knowing if there was a path to freedom or not.

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