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VIDEO: Vancouver police officers verbally abused during Surrey traffic stop

We see it all too often.

Videos often get posted online when a police officer doesn’t do things entirely by the book, or is a bit aggressive with a civilian.

What you don’t often see, is people posting videos of being unfairly abusive towards officers of the law, even though it happens all the time.

This time around, that abuse is in the spotlight as a pair of Surrey men were silly enough to post their interaction with a pair of Vancouver police officers.

Surely hoping to get public support, the two men, who were pulled over for speeding, come across as the bad guys in this video.

They hurl insults at the two officers, claiming that they make more in three months driving a truck then the officers make in a full year.

“You guys are just jealous that we’re f***ing riding in a more expensive car than what you make in a year,” the passenger says. “Whatever you make in a year, I make that in three months.”

<who>Photo Credit: Screenshots

The curse words come fast and furious as the two accuse the cops of being jealous and racist multiple times.

As the officers finally walk away towards their squad car, the men rev the car’s engine and yell more expletives at the officers.

Needless to say, the public reaction hasn’t been what the alleged speeders expected and those who see the video are applauding the cops’ response to the situation.

A starting salary for a Vancouver police officer is more than $65,000 annually.

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