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Cheerios give away over 1.5 billion seeds to save the bees

Honey Nut Cheerios have given away 1.5 billion seeds in an effort to save the bees.

Last week, Honey Nut Cheerios brand teams in the U.S. and Canada teamed up with Veseys Seeds to launch the #BringBackTheBees campaign, which intends to raise awareness about the declining pollinator population and hopefully reverse the trend.

And based on the engagement this past week, responses were much better than expected.

Visitors to the Cheerios website in the United States this morning were greeted with a message announcing that Cheerios had exceeded their goal of giving away 100 million seeds 10 times over.

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As well, the Canada branch has exceeded its original goal of giving away more than 100 million wildflower seeds.

On Monday, Cheerios will be making more seeds available for Canadians.

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Cheerios took to Twitter to announce their gratitude for the overwhelming support.

According to a statement on the Cheerios website, one in three bites of food we eat is made possible by bees and other pollinators, who spread the pollen that crops need to grow.

If more people across the world help out by simply taking five minutes to plant wildflowers then it's possible to preserve and grow pollinator populations.

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