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Frustrated with not finding pet-friendly housing?

Finding pet-friendly housing in B.C. is a well-documented struggle.

More often than not, landlords see it as their right to deny a tenant based on whether or not they have a pet.

According to the BC SPCA, 1,704 animals, an average of about five pets per day, were surrendered into BC SPCA care because of housing issues.

In an effort to improve the chances of finding suitable housing, the BC SPCA has released a series of helpful tips for pet owners on the hunt for a home.

<who> Photo Credit: BC SPCA.

The "tool kit" is available online and provides animal lovers with information and details about pet-friendly housing, including the benefits of having tenants with pets, a resumé with references that explains why the pet and guardian are good tenants, and a pet policy that both tenant and landlord can mutually agree upon and sign.

“People with pets change their housing much less frequently than people without pets, and they’re usually willing to pay more,” said Amy Morris, BC SPCA officer, policy and outreach.

“There are so many significant benefits to sharing a space with pets – research shows us that it’s therapeutic, and offers security and comfort as well.”

A Firepaw study shows tenants with pets in pet-friendly housing stay an average of 46 months compared to 18 months for tenants in rental housing prohibiting pets.

The study also shows there is no statistically significant difference in damage between tenants with pets and tenants without pets.

Click here to view BC SPCA's tool kit.

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