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Transportation BC wants to remind you that distracted driving doesn’t just mean your phone

There’s no shortage of drivers out there that try to get around the distracted driving rules by sneakily using their phones.

They’re not the only ones breaking the rules when it comes to distracted driving, however, and B.C.’s Ministry of Transportation is reminding drivers of just that.

“Distracted driving isn’t all about phones.”

In a tweet today, the Ministry of Transportation shared a photo of a semi that had hopped up over a cement curb after a seemingly harmless move by the driver.

“This driver dropped a water bottle and, while reaching down to pick it up, the vehicle drifted sideways and jumped over a cement curb,” the tweet said. “Luckily no one was injured.”

It could have been a much different result of the vehicle drifted the other way and into oncoming traffic.

That’s why the Ministry of Transportation and CVSE officers are urging drivers to keep all distractions, not just cell phones, at bay while behind the wheel.

It’s a reminder that is even more important during the winter months, when road conditions and visibility can make even the quickest drives a task.

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