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Canada, UK, Australia and New Zealand free movement petition gets over 200 thousand signatures

An online petition supporting freedom of movement between Canada, U.K., New Zealand and Australia is beginning to gain support.

The right to freedom of movement would mean all passport holders of each country could undertake any form of travel or work in the other countries regardless of work permits or visa controls.

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The petition was launched by CANZUK International, a non-profit group which has the following proposals for the four “CANZUK” countries:

  • Citizens of Canada, Australia, New Zealand and the United Kingdom should have the right to live, work and study in each others’ countries
  • That freedom of movement should be based on the Trans-Tasman Travel Agreement between Australia and New Zealand
  • Customs and commerce restrictions should be removed through the establishment of a comprehensive multilateral free trade agreement between the CANZUK countries
  • CANZUK countries should cooperate more on intelligence, defence, and foreign policy, to help the Five Eyes Intelligence Alliance, NATO and the UN Security Council

"We propose that the governments of the aforementioned countries finalise agreements (and inevitably, legislation) which make it possible for citizens to move freely with no restrictions regarding work permits or visa controls," reads the online petition.

According to CANZUK, a January 2017 poll showed 77% of Canadians support freedom of movement with Britain, Australia, and New Zealand.

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Meanwhile, they say, 64% of Brits support it, with 72% of Australians and 81% of Kiwis on board with the idea too.

A recent report citing British Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson, and former Australian Prime Minister Tony Abbott, supported free movement saying “Such as idea was recently polled across these countries and found strong support, particularly among young adults.”

Currently, Canadians need a travel visa for any stay over 90 days and the proper work visa to become employed in both Australia and New Zealand.

Canadians also need a travel visa for any stay over six months in the United Kingdom and the proper work visa to become employed.

For information regarding the online petition, click here.

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