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Fit Nutrition with Tania: Blood sugar stabilization

“Blood sugar is something that people should strive for when they’re thinking about creating health in their bodies.”

That was one of the many messages Tania Gustafson of Fit Nutrition shared as she recently sat down with Jim Csek of NowMedia to discuss the importance of stabilizing blood sugar levels and other topics in the most recent episode of the series.

“When our blood sugar is not stable, it’s either spiking or crashing, so if you’re missing a meal, (or) taking too long between meals, your blood sugar drops (and) then your body burns muscle,” explained Gustafson.

“When you’re eating too big of a portion, too many processed carbs or too much alcohol, sugar, all those kinds of things. Then your blood sugar will spike and every time it spikes you store fat.”

Gustafson went on to explain that people can get into a good middle area by focusing on what they are eating, especially in the morning.

“Focus on eating within that first hour of when you get up and prioritize protein. So make sure you’re having a protein, a fat, and a carbohydrate,” she explained.

The duo then went on to cover the importance of breakfast and how it sets the tone for the day.

“If you are missing that breakfast, your blood sugar goes down and your body starts burning muscle because your brain never shuts off and it needs protein to turn to glucose to feed itself,” added Gustafson.

“So, if you’ve already set yourself up that way, the first thing you eat in the day will be stored as fat.”

After discussing different ways to stick on track with meals and keep your blood sugar more stable, Gustafson touched on maintaining lifestyle changes.

"You can always make these lifestyle changes, but if you’re prioritizing your protein, having your proteins, fats and carbs together within that first hour and every three to four hours throughout the day, you will notice massive changes," explained Gustafson.

Check back in the future for the next episode of this series which will cover hormones, metabolism and menopause.

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