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If you are serious about your fitness, why not work with the best in Kamloops

Kent Aitchison was voted The Best Local Sports Coach, The Best Fitness Trainer, The Best Personal Coach in Kamloops, along with the celebrated title of being one of the Best Local Entrepreneurs Under 40 in Kamloops. As the owner and operator of Tournament Capital Strength & Conditioning (TCSC), he also holds 2nd position for both the Best Group Fitness and Workout Facility in Kamloops.

While thankful for being voted the best in many categories by the residents of Kamloops, Kent's real reward is when his members and athletes truly enjoy their fitness or athletic experience when being coached by him. Being a coach is being in the relationship business and Kent takes pride in building sincere connections with the athletes he works with, knowing that it is a tool he can use to help them achieve their goals.

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Kent found his coaching and fitness beginnings as a competitive varsity swimmer at the University of Alberta. During this time he realized his coaching skills could help others achieve their potential and build a great organization. Over the years, Kent spent quite some time across numerous provinces developing his coaching skills and meeting a variety of clients from various backgrounds, including an Olympian!

Having settled down in Kamloops, he realized what would be a better use of his experience and skills than to use for the betterment of an entire city. Since first taking over as the owner of TCSC, he had only one goal in mind: to deliver the best group fitness experience Kamloops has ever seen. And if these awards prove anything, it’s that Kent Aitchison is on his way to achieving exactly that!

How is it that TCSC is that good at helping its members get results? Because their coaches understand that your past fears often hold you back from pushing yourselves, and instead what would help you is a clear understanding of your goals and how to achieve them. Their Coached Group Fitness focuses on the benefits of a group that helps clients socially, provides them with support, and holds them accountable. This is combined with a variety of strength, conditioning, and mobility exercises that are lead by a knowledgeable, certified relationship-driven coach.

But what makes TCSC so different is that they also understand how to support and motivate a person, which often gets neglected at other gyms because it can be so tricky to assess. Here, they believe in balancing the body with proper progressions and movements, so that instead of doing too much too soon, you can build a foundation that promotes fitness as a life-long activity as it should be. Not to mention, in addition to the exercise progressions you are supported by a team of coaches and like-minded members along the way

TCSC is a great example of an entrepreneur using multiple skills to create a positive impact. For Kent, it was the traits of being a passionate coach combined with the entrepreneurial drive that’s helped change the fitness scene in Kamloops. And it’s this very philosophy when combined with TCSC’s core values, that has allowed this fitness centre to garner this recognition.

However, now that this building period for TCSC is over, we can't wait to see how Kent and his team plan on growing as the best facility of its kind in Kamloops. Among his plans to transform group fitness in Kamloops, Kent also hopes to redefine how multidisciplinary clinics are seen as they have recently expanded their Movement Mechanics clinic - an important arm of TCSC. When Kent isn’t busy fulfilling his vision, he helps other competitive swimmers train as the Assistant Head Coach with Kamloops Classic Swimming, for which he was voted The Best Local Sports Coach!

To be a part of this fitness revolution and to instill a growth-based mindset for the rest of your life, visit TCSC’s website and book a "No Sweat Introduction". Or better yet, visit Kent and his team at 781 Notre Dame Dr in order to discuss the best way for you to get started. And don't forget, it doesn’t matter where you are and how your body may be at the moment, at TCSC, they see you for who you are and help you get where you would like to be.

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