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The Faces of Dentistry: Smile Dentistry

Smile Dentistry is constantly evolving.

With new people, new technology, and a new location, the Kamloops dental practice is a leader in the industry.

The practice was founded in 1998 by Dr. Michael Hansford, who remains the principal dentist of Smile Dentistry.

“It’s a real team event,” he says. “With a practice, you need to have supporting individuals and supporting systems to operate a well-oiled machine.”

“As an owner, you can make the required commitments to technology, education, and training to make your dreams come true in the profession.”

This quality is one of the many reasons Dr. Joshua Biggins joined the team.

“The overall functioning of the practice blew me out of the water because it is so efficient,” he explains. “It was a huge appeal to me.”

For Dr. Trevor Zlatnik, Smile Dentistry offers a space that aligns with his values.

“It’s really cool that we get to explore both the patient side of dentistry and the lab side,” he says. “We can do so much here.”

In addition to providing general dental care, Smile Dentistry offers cosmetic procedures, implants, and sedation.

“We aspire to satisfy the aesthetic desires of our clients,” Dr. Hansford explains. “If someone wants a new smile, or if they feel they’re carrying around ugliness in their mouth, we want to help them out with it.”

With 3D scanners, CT scanners, and 3D printers, Smile Dentistry has everything they need to safely and efficiently provide dental implants.

The dental practice also has the most advanced technology for crown milling, X-rays, and airflow teeth cleaning.

“Dentistry as a field is always evolving, and I think this practice represents that ongoing evolution,” Dr. Biggins adds.

As a practice that offers sedation, Smile Dentistry is able to make any procedure comfortable.

“Patients that are terrified to come to the dentist often haven’t been in at least five years, and their problems accumulate,” Dr. Zlatnik says. “Sedation makes it easier on them because we can complete everything in one appointment.”

The dental practice has also launched an app called Cleara, which is designed to educate patients on their oral health.

“It bridges the gap because it allows a good transfer of information regarding what’s going on in their mouth,” Dr. Biggins explains. “We’re able to take photos and provide treatment options for their current problems and they can easily follow along from their phone.”

While Smile Dentistry has always been located in Valleyview, they have expanded into a second location downtown to ensure there is always availability for their patients.

“We generally rotate on a sequential basis, so our patients can choose their location with their doctor,” Dr. Hansford explains. “If I see someone in one location, I might see them in the other location, depending on what works best for them.”

Smile Dentistry also offers emergency dental care, allowing patients to address their dental concerns with same-day procedures.

“We’ve got a great team here at Smile Dentistry,” Dr. Zlatnik adds. “And we’ll have your teeth feeling really nice.”

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