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Study finds cannabis users better educated, more socialable than non-smokers

Nothing says 2017 like busting ancient stereotypes! First putting pineapples on pizza and now this..

A study that was unsurprisingly released today, revealed that recent research conducted through interviewing 1,600 North Americans concluded that in general cannabis users are better educated and more sociable than their non-smoking counterparts.

Out of those questioned, pot smokers were slightly more educated than non-users with 36% of those questioned having a Bachelor’s or Master’s degree compared to just 30% of non-users.

While many may believe the stereotypical "stoner" is more likely to be in their basement engaging in a passionate relationship with their Playstation 4, the survey also found that people who enjoy cannabis tend to lead very social lives too.

In fact, out of those questioned in Canada, 52% of pot smokers were likely to have gone to a music festival, movie theatre, museum, pub, bar or club in the last month than non-users (30%).

In a release, Jason Boxt, Executive Vice-President of research group PSB, said,

“This research demonstrates a significant difference between perception and reality – it’s fascinating. As cannabis policy continues to change, it will be interesting to track how attitudes continue to evolve.”

The survey also found that support for the legalization of cannabis is high with four in five Americans (79%) and Canadians (81%) supporting it in some form.

The findings also highlighted a few key differences between cannabis users both north and south of the border. Here in Canada for example we’re more likely to smoke a joint (68%) than our American counterparts (52%). While our friends south of the border prefer pipes (45% vs 32%).

We Canadians, it seems, are better at multitasking while high. Whether it’s doing housework (36% vs. 29%), hanging out with friends (56% vs. 43%) or enjoying creative pursuits (36% vs. 27%), we’re much more likely than those in the US to combine our cannabis with other activities.

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