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Meet the Kelowna-based best friends behind the innovative, industry-leading IoT software Linkbase!

After meeting each other at UBCO and being inspired by one another’s entrepreneurial spirit, a collaboration between the two was inevitable.

“We were friends for a little bit, and we always knew we were going to get into business together”.

“Basically, we’re WordPress for IoT (Internet of things),” Shiven explains, “if you’re a business and you want to create a smart device, you don’t have to write the firmware, you don’t have to decide which network module you want to use, you don’t have to connect to the cloud on your own”.

“You can use our platform, connect a smart device to the cloud and take it to the market within a matter of days. We essentially have created a platform that can take a smart product to market and we shorted the market cycle from 6 months to three days.”

Examples include integrating devices within smart buildings and smart rooms.

“We can see the numbers of what’s going on with the IoT devices, and our goal is to do energy savings with it and also create unique experiences with these smart rooms,” says Sagar.

“This is something that’s not been done before with smart devices in that number, with all of them synchronically talking to each other. That’s where we shine because we create an ecosystem,” adds Shiven.

The pair want to create seamless communication between all the devices and believe their business can eventually lead to seamless smart cities.

After a period of trial and error, the pair ultimately found their footing in deciding to create a platform to help businesses get their IoT devices online based on the struggles they went through to do the same.

They already have over 100k IoT devices connected to the cloud!

To hear more about Linkbase and how it is making waves in the industry, watch the video.

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