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The 5 most awkward moments of the Penguins visit to the White House

Is there any chance the Pittsburgh Penguins visit to the White House today would go off without an awkward moment? Absolutely not.

First of all, Donald Trump doesn’t exactly come across as your classic Hockey Night in Canada fan.

<who> Photo Credit: Getty Images.

There is also the whole Trump versus America’s most popular sports controversy going on. Between the Golden State Warriors being “uninvited” to the White House and the NFL anthem controversy, the fact the Penguins even went to meet the president was a story.

But there was oh, so much more to enjoy during Tuesday’s visit.

Here are the top five most awkward moments:

1. Trump didn't wait long to bring up the NAFTA negotiations

After previously stating that visiting the White House is not about politics, Trump didn't waste much time bringing up this week’s political hot topic, the on-going North American Free Trade Agreement negotiations between the US, Canada and Mexico.

Trump's NAFTA comments begin at 2:45

2. Where’s Sidney!?

Sidney Crosby is one of the faces of the NHL and the captain of the Penguins, but Trump had some trouble picking him out of the crowd. It didn’t help that Crosby was hiding in the very back right of the crowd, which is odd because last year he was directly beside Obama.

<who> Photo Credit: Matt Freed.

3. Trump didn’t get a jersey

It’s customary for the visiting team to present the president with a team jersey. That didn’t happen on Tuesday for whatever reason.

4. The Penguins social media didn’t mention the visit.

After live streaming their visit via Instagram and Snapchat in 2016. The Penguins social media team decided to not even mention the visit this year.

Below is a screenshot of the only post on the Penguins Twitter account for October 10th, 2017.

</who> This was the only post on the Penguins social media accounts today.

This is what the Penguins social media team posted during the team's visit to the White House in 2016.

</who> This is taken from the Penguins Twitter account in 2016.

5. Trump's attempt at hockey lingo

It's common for hockey players to add a "y" or an "er" to a fellow player's name to create an instant nickname. Penguins' defenseman Kris Letang is well known as "Tanger" for example. Trump gave it a go at least...

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